Custom Logo Printed Tissue Papers
Dear Ravin,

Yes, I have received the parcel. Thank you. 
Yes, I am very happy with the paper. It is beautiful, exactly what I wanted
Wedding Scroll Invites
Dear Purvi,

The Scrolls are perfect, just what I wanted. Thank you for organizing them.

Boxed Desk Sets
Hey Conifer,

It was  a pleasure receiving your Boxed Desk Sets for our Stores, We are looking forward to sell these to our clients. I appreciate the Logos Placed on the Boxes.   Chris 
Letter Writing Sets
We received your letter writing stationery sets and were very pleased with the Paisley themes, these would be a great addition to our shop.

Thank you team conifer,
Scroll Rods
Hey Thank you guys, We were so lost at the beginning of the month, not knowing how to develop these scroll invites, thank you for making this so easy for us, the rods were just what we needed.
Fabric Covered Boxes for Wedding Invites
Bonjour, It has been a real pleasure, from the ease of ordering, to the great service, and prompt delivery, i would definitely be sending recommendations to you.

Handmade Greeting Cards
Hey Ravin, Your Cards are adding a lot of color to our Stores.. Thank you for such an quick and efficient service for this order. Looking forward to the next delivery. Next time, please arrange for the resealable bags.
Wonderful Packing
I was so afraid that i would be receiving the bottled invites broken, but i was more than impressed by the wonderful packing done by your staff for our order

Thank you, Ravin.

Its been a pleasure to work with you.
Scroll Rods
Hello Ravin, Thank you for the Wonderfully Fast Service and Delivery on my Rod Order
You have helped us meet our deadline on time, And we would look forward to work with you in the future.
Scroll Invitations
Thank you Ravin And Purvi on The Super Efficient Job done for our Scroll Invites, We have loved them and look forward to working with you again, A big Cheers to every one at Conifer.. Feliz
Wedding Invitation Boxes
Thank you so much for arranging to deliver the order on time. Although this was rushed, I appreciate your patience in dealing with me. Would surely recommend you to my friends.
Embroidery On Papers
I did't ever thought Embroidery was possible on paper, until I saw your range. Thank you for the wonderful Papers that you have sent, these are a fantastic addition to our shop.


Wedding Scroll Invitations
Our Best wishes to you and your team for executing this order within our time requests.
We are happy with our order and would surely recommend you to our friends and families (who are now inquiring where we got the invites from).
Flocked Wedding Invites
Hello Purvi,

Apologies for not getting back to you. I'm currently on holiday, I've had someone take an initial look at the product and they look brilliant. But I personally have not taken a look at them. I will be able to do so this weekend. Hopefully I'll be able to provide some feedback to you soon. But so far really pleased.

Thank you,
Bagasse Papers

I have just received my order for the Bagasse paper sheets, which is beautifully textured and with fiber content , this would suit my requirements for making natural look paper bags, thank you for assisting me with my order.

Chocolate Boxes
Hi Ravin,   Sorry for a late reply, the boxes turned out to be great. I think you were going to send me some more sample pictures of the foil boxes, those ones which are a set of 3. please do send me.


Animal Embossed Handmade Papers
Dear Ravin,

The paper order sent is beautiful, Just as we wanted.

Thank you

Paper Bags For Keeping Cakes
The bags fit our cake boxes very well, thank you for completing our order on time, next time we would like to have our logo printed along with a change of color, please do send across option.

Bags Gift Tags And Note Book For Church
Dear Ravin,
Hello, sorry for late reply. My boss made comment that the bags are ok thank you for delivering the order on time   Vicky
Handmade Paper Bags
Dear Ravin,   The Bags are ideal for my Spa. This is exactly what we had in mind when ordering the same. Just wishing for ribbon handles for next time.

Cake Boxes

My Order of Cake Boxes for my Cake Shop reached a bit late due to delays with custom clearance, however I don't blame you for that, the boxes are great, looking at placing an order for the bags, next week. -Kesha
Custom Made Calendars
Thank you for the Lovely Desktop Calendars Supplied to us, we are eagerly looking at handing them over at our event.

Natural Paper Card And Envelopes

Dear Ravin,
Dear Purvi,

I received the shipment yesterday evening. I am very satisfied with the cards and absolutely love the papers in your catalog. As soon as I can, I will place another order.

I have enjoyed interacting with Conifer because of the instant support and feedback that I received each time.

Kind regards and a good week,

Glitter Printed Bags
Dear Purvi Wow!! Glitter Printed Bags are really nice. They look too good.   Thanku Purvi
Flocked Papers
  Hi Ravin,   Just to let you know I have just received the papers & checked them out. They are fantastic!! They look & feel amazing & I can’t thank you enough for all your help & assistance. For now, thank you very much & I look forward to doing business with you again   Lynda Gibbs
Leather Journals
Dear Ravin,   Many thanks for sending the notebooks in time and they are lovely! Do you make photograph albums in the same?   Kind regards, Francesca
Screen Printed Papers
Hi Ravin
Thank you for the parcel of papers, I was very excited to receive them and I spread them out on my kitchen bench to admire them. While a few will be unsuitable for my jewellery due to thickness of paper, or design to large, they will be used for my Christmas cards this year. I particularly like the red and black designs. I will send you photos when I have made up some more jewellery with your paper. I am making a lot of paper beads jewellery and this paper is excellent. I also like the fact that no one else here has the same paper.

Wedding Favor Boxes
Dear Ravin,   Thank you very much for the Lovely Boxes. Dont forget what I said about the website mate, you will triple your business guaranteed!

All the best
Dilip Lakhani
Coated Bagasse Handmade Papers
These Papers are ideal for Our Greeting Card Production Range. I simply love the Bright Colors!! Thank you for your quick service.

Invitation Cards And Boxes
We were pleasantly surprised and pleased with the quality of workmanship. I am looking at reorders for most items received, do send across our second shipment by air freight. Thank you Roger
Fancy Invitation Scrolls
Dear Ravin,
I recieved the invitation card yesterday and it is just what I wanted.   Thank you,
Ahmad Ghafour 
Paper Bags For Cakes
Hello Ravin And Purvi,

The Bags are perfect for my Cakes. Thank you for completing the order on time. We would get back to you for the Boxes.

Silk Papers With Banana Fiber
  We needed papers for developing a new range of Photo Album Inners, and the Banana Silk Papers have served the purpose very well. Thank you!! Please do develop more colors as previously suggested.    
Custom Printed Scroll Invitations
Hi Ravin,   The invites was received by fed X yesterday (Thursday). You did a great job with the invitations. I have given your information to someone else who wanted to order some invitations

Cheers   Nadia
Set Of Chocolate Boxes
Dear Ravin/Purvi,   The Boxes have come out really well. We are pleased with the same, Our chocolates are looking great in them.  
Thank you
H Jiwan
Banana Fiber Papers
 I needed papers for calligraphy, and your Banana Fiber Papers are exactly fulfilling my requirements, Will order more shortly. -Tania
Wood Block Printed Papers
This is Just what we wanted!!! Our customers are going to be very pleased with the stock sent!! Thank you for your efficient service.

Exhibition Paper Bag
  Dear Ravin   Thank you for making these bags on time for our conference. We would look forward to working with you again.   Aparna
Embroidered Papers
Dear Mr Ravin,
This is to inform you that, the Papers were really good, and we have already dispatched them today. Thank you for your cooperation. I will get back in touch with you, when I return to Mumbai.   Regds / Deepali
Scroll Order
  Hello Ravin!   I already have the wedding invitations with me. They are very beautiful. Thank you for the attention from the first contact. Wedding invitations were simply fantastic !!   Thanks Regards Isabel Cristina Rego
Menu Cards
Dear Ravin/Purvi, The Menus have turned out Very Well. Thank you for your help with this Nidhi
Natural Handmade Papers
Hello Ravin,   Thank you so much. Your beautiful papers have arrived by courier this morning. I can't wait to try them but they seem too beautiful to make into a paper mold!!  No doubt. I will be ordering some more, then send the amount of $$ owing as I paid in US dollars. Hope you like the pictures of the masks waiting to be finished off. Thanks for clearly marking them too.   Cheers from Australia. Regards Meryl
Block Printed Papers
Beautiful Papers!!!  Beautiful Colors!!!
Good Colors, thank you for sending the shipment by Air Freight on time. Looking forward to ordering again.    
Customized Paper Bags For USA
  Ravin, I got the bags and I am very happy with them. Thanks for all your help. -Aaron  
Wedding Cards
  Dear Ravin, Purvi,   Hello, I liked the work, you are very good! I have the confirmation in Brasil, the invites have arrive, many thanks, was a pleasure to business with you.
Scroll Rods In Plastic
Hi Ravin,
I've received the package, everything is ok. Thanks for your services.   Regards,
Batik Papers
Hello,   Thank you for your prompt shipment of my order. The Colors are beautiful and the paper quality is good. I will order again shortly.   Jo
Antique Look Papers

Good Range of Papers, that were well received on Time. We were really pleased.

Thank you
Coir Handmade Papers
We simply love the Texture of your Coir Papers, can't wait to use this in our Scrap-booking Projects. Thank you for your service.

Antique Look Handmade Papers
Dear Purvi,

My order for the Antique Sheets arrived safely. Its a pleasure to see what an amazing thing you have done with simple paper. I am sure this would sell well.    
Wholesale Boxes
We are really pleased with the shipment of the Boxes for Favours and Matching Tags Received. The prints have come out really well, just what we wanted, looking forward to the next shipment with the Bags. The boxes were in good shape, however please do use a better carton in the outer packing. -Keisha 
Brush Painted Papers
The Brush Painted Papers are absolutely stunning, I would be looking at ordering 200 More, may be sometime next week.   Will be in touch.
Boxes For Cakes
We delightfully received our shipment of Cake Boxes, and will get back to you with another order for the Cup Cake Boxes shortly, thank you. Did you find out about the Cup Cake Wrappers?
Jewelry Packing Boxes
  Ravin;   I received the shipment.  Thank you so much.  They are PERFECT!!   Many thanks. Deborah Dooley
Favor Boxes
The Favor Boxes are simply adorable. Thank you so much for your service.

Embossed Papers
Thank you for supplying this order of the Embossed Papers so Promptly, I am impressed.   Maryan 
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